Communication between combat forces and battle led reconnaissance at night are essential elements in operations. The 26.5 mm Signal Cartridges are means for these purposes.

The 26.5 mm Signal Cartridge is used for short range signaling and illumination both white and infra-red light.
Cartridge case: Aluminum;
Length: 80 mm, Diameter: 26.5 mm;
Burning time: 7±1 seconds; Ejection height (firing angle 80-90°): 100±10;
Light intensity (candela):
•Red: ≥ 30 000 cd
•Green ≥ 10 000 cd
•Yellow: ≥ 40 000 cd
•White: ≥ 25 000 cd

Distinguishing mark of signal cartridge – cap, painted in color of star with different numbers of cogs: one cog – for red color star, two cogs – for green color star, three cogs – for white color star, no cog – for yellow color star.

The 26.5 mm SIGNAL CARTRIDGE can be used by 26.5 mm rocket pistol     (SIG-P2, HK, SPS, SP-81 and similar ones) for short range signaling and/or illuminating during military training or search and rescue operations.

The ammunition has been reliable to be used in the temperature interval -35°C to +40°C.
The ammunition withstands storage within the temperature interval of -25°C to +25°C.

The ammunition has a shelf life of 5 years while in original packaging.
Transport data: Classification 1.4 G,UN

White: 1370-50-001-2453
Green: 1370-50-001-2452