We craft elegant solutions
with powerful technologies
and strategies.

Defense & Security Legal Consulting

Our focus is on core issues related to strategic growth as well as accomplishing client tactical priorities. We have an in-depth industry expertise in defense contractors, MRO providers and C4ISR and security oriented businesses.

  • Extensive experience in the Defense and Security Sector
  • In depth knowledge of:
    • Contract and Corporate Law
    • Business strategy
    • Defense and security technology
    • National and European defense and security policies
  • A very broad network in the Defense and Security Sector
  • Use innovative procurement techniques to rapidly deliver new capabilities to protect deployed military forces
  • Draw on experience in law enforcement and national security to help Systems Integrators and Technical Solution Providers grow new business

International experience consultancy financial services combining with legal advice.
People with international experience related to

  • taxes
  • starting a business
  • accounting, consumer/retail banking,
  • commercial banking
  • wholesale banking
  • mortgage banking, securitization
  • capital markets, insurance
  • investment management
  • Broker/dealer and real estate
  • international legal consulting
  • business development management